Observation. Reflection. Awareness.

Personal development can be tough sometimes, but it is always rewarding. All you need is a commitment to look closely at yourself and to reflect on what you see. (The best way to do that is to Write Stuff Down.)

Gradually, you’ll become more aware of your habits, patterns and conditioning; and you’ll establish a set of insights, learning points, tools and procedures which will serve you for the rest of your life.

Jonathan Lewis

My story has its roots in an intense, unconventional, and transformative training; and a fortuitous decision to keep a journal throughout.

Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis

Further information on how the magic happens?

The 9 Tiles

My extensive blog uses my journals from that 4-year training, as well as current posts to provide insights into the nature of the work. One entry in particular – The List – offers a comprehensive summary of the development process. It contains 137 carefully chosen entries which have been distilled further into the 9 Tiles.

Each tile offers guidance about what to expect as you begin to pay closer attention to your life. They have been kept as simple as possible, but there is depth to each one, which you can explore further in the blog post, The Nine Tiles.

Evolution by Natural Reflection

One excellent way to approach the work is to read my book first. (I would say that, wouldn’t I?) Its story prompts you to contemplate your own behaviour and conditioning. Furthermore, it means that when we work together, you are more prepared and can hit the ground running.

You can read the book cover to cover, but you can also just dip into it when you need some inspiration, guidance, or a simple reminder. As one reader described:

‘At times I have opened it at random and read one day’s entry. It’s a book you can keep going back to. The words remain the same, but the meaning they convey takes on a new energy each time you re-visit them.‘