And So It All Began…

Yesterday was a prime example of my emotions taking control. During the writing of my pre-contract assessment I became upset at the realisation that my emotions have such a hold over my life. In addition, my back is causing me pain which serves only to deepen my mood. Today I have achieved the minimum I wished to accomplish. My emotional state has not changed since yesterday. Karaj has asked me to compile a list of ways I can reassure myself when I’m low:

  • Do some exercises
  • Remind myself of my talents, abilities and positives
  • List the ways I have enriched the lives of others
  • List the ways others have enriched my life
  • List the people in my life who support me in all I do
  • Remind myself of my goals – and why they are my goals
  • Remind myself of the progress I have already made
  • Ask questions of someone I trust – someone with authority and understanding
  • Breathe deeply
  • Look at the stars in the night sky
  • Experience nature – be with the flowers, the sky, the trees
  • Look at the things I have done, not the things I haven’t
  • Reflect on the positives, not the negatives
  • Smile
  • Realise how simple it is to do a non-perfect job
  • Remind myself of the universe. Seen from the greatest perspective I have no worries

And here are a few ways to adhere to those reassurances when I need to:

  • Take 5 minutes – use every second
  • Don’t just read through the list expecting things to improve without any effort – except when I get to ‘smile’
  • Choose a few ideas from the list instead of trying to use them all
  • Write down my thoughts and feelings


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