A Vision

A brief, afternoon discussion with Karaj and Kuldip about working together has helped me bring into sharper focus the thoughts I had when I left Germany a year ago.

I recall a conversation I had with a head trader at Commerzbank in which I explained that the reason I was going back to England was to learn new skills, which would enable me to return to the very organisations I had criticised whilst in their employment.

This time around, however, I would be employed in a different capacity. I imagined myself in my own office with the door always open to the people of the bank. I would help them to cope with the stresses of work. I would help them to understand each other, to understand themselves, to work together harmoniously, and I would help them to get as much as possible out of their (working) lives. I would help these people to fulfil their potential and be at peace with themselves.

I saw this role as the ideal opportunity to do a job I enjoy. Now I can see it more vividly than ever. The work I have done with Karaj over the past seven weeks has been joyful and rewarding. It has been a pleasure to be in the company of Karaj and Kuldip, and I can only smile at the thought of any future collaboration.

[At this stage my thoughts were still of returning to Germany within a matter of months. I did not know I would spend four years in this environment.]

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