One of the reasons I argued my principles so vehemently in the past was because I wanted people to see who I am and agree that I am a good person or that I am right in what I say. In truth, I am the only person whose acknowledgment I need. If there is something about myself with which I disagree then I can change it. I need only be me for my sake. This cuts out all the complications of trying to please other people.

At present when I acknowledge myself, I do so from the Child ego state. I should continue to do so (it’s better than no recognition at all) but understand that real acknowledgment comes from the Parent ego state. At the same time it is legitimate to ask for acknowledgment from others, but they should be the right people: those who can give acknowledgment and whom I respect.

I remember Karaj’s DIY story about the unavoidably difficult positioning of one screw, which had slowed the whole project and which only a select group could appreciate. George had seen it immediately and understood the effort involved but the others only stood in disbelief at the lack of progress which had been made. They had been oblivious to the logistical nightmare caused by the positioning of one screw, but George had been able to acknowledge it.

When I ask for acknowledgment, the request should also come from the Parent ego state.

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