Do More

It has always been a trait of mine to put things off. If I really need to do something then I’ll do it, but it’s often at the last minute. I have always been more of a thinker and a feeler. I think and feel very quickly and intensely and it takes a long time for me to do anything. Add to that a ‘Be Perfect’ driver (TA) which can instil the attitude that it won’t be good enough anyway, and it all means I often don’t even get as far as starting to do things.

Recently, however, I have noticed I achieve things far more readily than in the past. I am learning to bring the doing part of me in from its isolated position and use it to my advantage. I am learning there are hidden benefits to any exercise. I am learning there are psychological gains to be made from doing things. The simple act of doing, regardless of the task, can improve my mental, physical and emotional state.

Doing is not just a matter of completing a task. Doing without expectations and with non-attachment is also the cornerstone of karma yoga: it is the task which is important, not the end result. A cliché perhaps, but there is a reason for that.

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