A Time & Place for Everything

The DIY work which Karaj and I did yesterday allowed me to exercise my ‘Be Perfect’ nature whilst at the same time exposing me to Karaj’s ‘doing’. He just gets on with things and is driven to complete as much as possible in the time available, whereas my focus is more on doing something as well as possible.

There is a time and a place for everything, and Karaj pointed out that rather than produce quality throughout, which can be a waste of time and even unnecessary, it is better to spend time at the end ensuring the quality. As with the ego states (TA), this emphasises the equilibrium necessary to fulfil my potential and live a harmonious life. Not only do I need the balance, I also need the skills.

Yesterday’s work was made easier by the array of power tools which Karaj has in his possession. Life’s a lot simpler when you have the tools to do the job. My work with Karaj over the last nine weeks has not only provided me with some of the skills I need in life but has also allowed me to recognise that I already possess others. Karaj acknowledged my engineering skills.

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