Expectations are troublesome products of the mind. To go into something with expectations is to set myself up for disappointment. Disappointment cannot exist without prior expectation.

It is important to check for expectations. Everything I undertake is accompanied by expectations. At this stage it is not necessary to eliminate them altogether. For the moment it is sufficient to recognise them and be aware of their existence. Do this and they are less likely to cause disappointment.

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  1. I would love an explanation on the difference between expectation and preparation – in the sense of preparing for different outcomes of a situation or an event in connection to this post…

    1. Preparation is an essential part of the process and allows us to be as ready as we can be for what may come. Expectations shift our focus away from the process and towards the result. Before we know it we find ourselves unnecessarily attached to the outcome when we would be much better off remaining focused on the work.

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