Keeping Good Company

Yesterday I feared my weekend would be a lonely one. And because I would be on my own I thought I would feel low. I felt there would be times when I would like some company but I also knew I needed to spend time with myself.

In the end, everything worked out well. I awoke early, did my exercises and went into town to book my flight to Germany. On the bus I was feeling quite annoyed – still worried about having a lonely weekend – so I told myself to think positively because there was a cheap flight waiting for me somewhere. And there was. I found one for £60.

The rest of the day was lovely too. Aubrey came round and we did some gardening in the sun. I then had an enjoyable evening on my own. So, the pleasure I had with my own company more than compensated for the lack of other people’s. And besides, Aubrey provided me with all the company I needed with those few hours in the sunshine.

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