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Friendship with Myself

There’s no need to search outside of myself for fulfilment. Everything I need I already possess. Friendship with myself is the most important thing:

If I can learn to be alone and feel comfortable with myself then the whole world is my friend.’ – Karaj.

All this is still scant consolation for missing out on the chance to spend some more time with the people from the weekend. Karaj tells me this is something I really need to work on. My feelings towards friendship and company have to change. It’s not fair on myself to feel like this. I should rejoice at the fun I’ve had, rather than despair because I could have had more of it.

As Karaj pointed out, it’s like eating a meal and stopping when you’ve had enough. There’s no need to gorge myself and make myself ill by over-eating. All I need is enough to keep me going. As with everything else; it’s quality that’s important, not quantity. Friendship is there to be cherished, to be enjoyed and to be appreciated.

What’s really important for me, however, is my relationship with myself. If I can enjoy my own company, and appreciate myself for who I am then it makes my time with others even more meaningful. I can indulge and walk away when I’ve had enough. That way I don’t overdo it with my friends and I don’t have a problem with my own company. Now, there’s something to work towards.

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