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I am very happy with the progress I have made since working with Karaj. I could never have envisaged making such rapid and effective progress. I cannot emphasise enough how the tools and techniques, which Karaj has given me have changed my life. They are simple and powerful. My life has changed forever. During yesterday’s conversation with Karaj we discussed the power of positivity. It is not just a way of putting a smile on my face; positive thinking actually works. A mere thought is often enough to manifest in my life whatever I desire.

Be the change you want to see in the world.’ I think it was Ghandi who said this. It sums up how I believe it all works. We see the world as we perceive it. If we change our perception of the world then we change how we see it and everything in it. If we view it with negativity then that negativity will spread and our darkest fears for our planet become real. Fortunately it works the same way for positivity. Be positive and positive things will occur. It really is that simple.

Another topic of conversation was how different people are. Again, experience of this has helped me immensely. I have always assumed we are all basically similar, and so I find it often difficult to believe that people can behave the way they do. However, I have observed first hand how a person who seems willing to work on themselves and has the support of Karaj can make such a mess of it time and time again. If I hadn’t seen it for myself I would find it almost impossible to comprehend. But having seen it I can believe people are capable of anything – including the exact opposite of what they claim they are doing.

This further enhances my view of me as an individual and confirms the importance of looking after myself. Being able to feel what is going on is so much more effective than listening to what a person is saying. As Karaj says: ‘You don’t listen with your ears, you listen with your stomach’. People may be lying to me without them even realising they’re lying. If I rely on my feelings, however, then I can form a much more genuine picture of the person in front of me, and I can protect myself at the same time.

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