A Doer and a Perfectionist

Another good day with Karaj saw us finish off our flower pot herb garden. Again, it was a joy to work with him, proving that it is possible for a ‘doer’ and a ‘be perfect’ to work together.

[This is the first mention of the garden work which would eventually become such an integral part of my training. The work began in earnest in September 2001. From that moment on, the garden became the place where, as a group, we worked extremely hard and where our respective patterns of behaviour became most visible, allowing each of us to see for ourselves what everyone else could see.]

It was also satisfying to finish the job before I fly to Germany for my holiday, during which I will make arrangements to return there permanently later in the year. These will include visiting one of my old employers, Commerzbank.

I spoke to Karaj today about my future role in the bank. We discussed a job in the front office where all the stress, pressure and excitement can be found. As Karaj said, investment banking is a tough business regardless of the area, so why not in the front office? (I am more of a back office person.)

It is the perfect stage for me to learn about myself. I’m looking forward to it. Karaj says it is a place where the ego rules but if I can learn to use my ego where necessary whilst all the time understanding that it doesn’t matter, it’s not important, then I can benefit enormously.

What happened when I visited the bank: Confirmation of What I Always Knew

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