The Inner Journey

I feel more positive today. I did my exercises last night and this morning and I feel good, although I trapped a nerve this morning by doing too much. The two main points from yesterday are the fact that Francis recognised a change in me sufficient enough to be able to open up to me; and also that there’s no need to try and win society’s game.

It’s a no-win situation anyway; just because one makes a success of one’s life according to the rules which society lays down does not necessarily ensure happiness. True contentment can only be found without society’s trappings.

Even if I accumulate all the riches possible in this world, how can I truly know whether I could be happy without them? Surely this breeds insecurity: I convince myself I should be happy because I have won the game and spend the rest of my life trying to hang to what I have gained. Material wealth can be lost in an instant whereas emotional and spiritual strength cannot be taken away so easily. Therefore it is the inner journey which I choose for my life’s path.

It gives me peace of mind to understand that I do not need to strive to be a success in the eyes of society. Any job that provides me enough to live on will allow me to lead the life I choose to live. I am neither a slave to society nor to my ego. Relax.

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