The need to separate from my mum has become a very important issue for me in recent months. It was highlighted last year with yet another severe and very painful slipped disc in my back. It was the third time it had happened since 1987 and the second time in the space of one year. My need to be mothered had escalated to such a critical stage that I was (unconsciously) doing myself severe harm in order to guarantee being looked after.

The subject of separation was first broached by mum on a visit to Germany two years ago. She told me that she was visiting her two sons in order to aid the separation process. At the time I did not fully understand what she meant and I found it upsetting. Since then Karaj has explained to me the importance of separating from my mum and how it will ultimately be of huge benefit to me. Moreover, he told me that it would also benefit her. This fact made it easy for me to initiate the process from my own side because I knew that both of us will benefit. Since then it has been clear to us both that it is imperative we separate from each other.

Because I understand the implications it seems to be relatively easy for me to proceed with the separation. For me, there is no need to mention it or discuss it. All we need to do is do it. Telling the world what I intend to do causes resistance from all sorts of sources which just makes life more difficult. The best thing to do is just get on with it. That way, nobody can hinder your progress because nobody knows what you’re doing. The first they know of anything is when they notice the difference in you.

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