Brothers & Mothers

Last night I did not feel particularly tired – I was quite high from the feedback I received in the group. The comments are still with me. I transcribed the tape today. The men’s comments are a source of inspiration for me as my writings were inspiration for the men. Magic.

I’m going to see my brother, Andy, tonight for the first time in a year. Also magic.

We went for a huge dinner with mum. It was wonderful to see Andy and he was as funny and as entertaining as ever. The two of us will be looking after a friend’s house for the week, which is ideal. We can come and go as we please. I seem to be commanding more respect from him in that he is asking me more as opposed to telling me.

Mum came round in the afternoon. I cooked and we ate soup with bread & butter. Andy was frustrated at having to spread the butter straight from the fridge so without hesitation mum dived in. She finds it hard to relax and be waited on; to let go and leave us to cope.

All three of us went to visit Maxine. It was as good as it always is in her company, after which, Andy and I enjoyed a walk home. It was a warm night and we chatted as we walked. He is a wonderful brother to have.

[This post, and all the others between 23rd July 2000 and 11th August 2000, should be read in conjunction with the current post, ‘It’s My Script’, from 8th August 2011.]

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