Last night, after a meal with Dad and his wife, Andy and I came home, lay in the garden and looked at the stars. We chatted. It would seem we both look up to each other, which is great. As Andy put it, he may have many of the answers but I have many of the questions. All in all, a wonderful way of appreciating the differences between us.

I told him how much I think of him and have always thought of him. He told me I’m more open, I see things in a more abstract and a more oblique way, and I consider nothing to be impossible. He says I have asked questions of him during this holiday, but I don’t know how. The conversation was short but wonderful. It is the most open my brother has ever been. It brought us yet closer together, showed us both that we appreciate each other enormously and has been the highlight of the holiday.

Today we had lunch at our other Gran’s.

[This post, and all the others between 23rd July 2000 and 11th August 2000, should be read in conjunction with the current post, ‘It’s My Script’, from 8th August 2011.]

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