Stay With The Feelings

Although I have not been in the best of moods over the last two days, I have not let it get to me. This is a breakthrough because more often than not I get more down about being down. This time, because the feelings are not so intense, I am able to stay with them and feel comfortable with them because I know they will pass. They are just a part of the natural cycle of life. Relax and be with the feelings. There’s no need to be frightened of the way I feel.

I received feedback from Karaj about an incident on Friday when I had an uneasy feeling (stomach pain) on the way to visit someone. My body was telling me all I needed to know. Trust it. It is not necessary to put it to the test. This is important. My feelings are always right. It’s what happens afterwards that causes the confusion.

My mind steps in and all sorts of thoughts and feelings develop as a consequence and before I know it I don’t know what to think. Any subsequent thoughts and feelings are, however, irrelevant. Listen to the initial (gut) reaction and trust it. It really is that simple. The more progress I make, the more time and distance I will put between the initial feeling and the ensuing reaction of the mind. At present the time interval is so short as to cause confusion and self-doubt.

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