I exercised this morning. It was hard work at first because my mind kept telling me I was wasting my time. It made me aware, as it does every morning, of the aches and pains in my body, the coldness of my room and the darkness outside. I was reminded of Karaj’s warning that my mind is going to start getting very clever. I realised that if I could overcome the seemingly persuasive arguments it was feeding me then I could begin to make real progress. I persisted with my exercises and felt much better for doing so.

Another aspect of my life at the moment in need of attention is my compulsion to complete tasks quickly. No matter what I’m doing I seem to be in a hurry. I have recorded a number of times in this journal that on my way back to fitness I have rushed things and suffered as a consequence. It is the same with every aspect of my life. It is vitally important that I slow down in all that I do. Calm down and take it easy. Eat slowly, walk slowly, exercise slowly. Live slowly.

Yesterday’s activities are a case in point. I spent an hour or so digging, lifting and carrying earth. I worked too quickly. There was no need to hurry. Fortunately, I suffered no adverse effects from the work. In fact it helped to strengthen my back, so more of the same – but at a slower, more deliberate pace – should compliment my exercise routine.

Robert came for the day today and, as on previous occasions, I enjoyed talking to him. We chatted about the changes which have occurred in our lives in recent months and the progress we have made. We shared our experiences and it was encouraging to talk to someone who is also working hard to change the patterns in their life.

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