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A Plateau to be Appreciated

This has been an excellent week – hard, physical work in the garden, good progress with my personal development and the beginning of a greater awareness of my nutritional diet. It began with the workshop last Saturday and all this week I have been aware of the subjects we discussed. Monday was devoid of the usual Monday morning blues and today, Friday, is also more balanced than the usual euphoria at finally having made it to the weekend. Whilst there is an element of the Friday feeling present, it is less prominent than the more powerful feeling of well-being I have as a result of the week I have had.

And what a contrast to last week. It’s as if the days leading up to the workshop were a collective deep breath in preparation for what has happened since. Karaj stresses that these periods of quietude are to be savoured and enjoyed instead of being tolerated and endured. After all, in this relative universe of ours it is the quiet periods which add emphasis and perspective to the periods of growth. In addition, it is an opportunity to reflect and to gather myself for whatever is around the corner. It is a plateau to be explored and appreciated, not a hole from which I should be desperate to escape.

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