Take the Opportunities

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with Karaj and Robert. The main learning point of the day was to take opportunities when they come my way. The last eight months have been a remarkable opportunity for me. Every aspect of it, from Aubrey’s generosity to Karaj’s commitment and everything in between, has been ideal. For a long time I struggled with my conscience because I was living rent-free in Aubrey’s house.

As Karaj emphasised yesterday, when such gifts come my way it is important to accept them and make full use of them. If I cannot do that then I will lose the generosity which has been offered. It is the same with opportunities. If I do not take them, they will be lost. All I need is the strength to embrace them and the faith that everything will be all right. I read a similar comment last night by Vivekananda in his book ‘Vedanta – Voice of Freedom’ (1996), in which he relates a message from the Upanishads: ‘Stand up and be strong’.

Recently, Karaj and I have been talking about me setting up a business to help bring England and Germany closer together. It occurred to me last night that as I strive for independence, my business opportunity would mean a big step in that direction. I never made the connection before but being self-employed is the epitome of independence in many ways, and maybe it’s just the challenge I need to help me complete the transformation from being mothered to taking care of myself.

Stand up, be strong and have faith. In our talk this morning Karaj reminded me that it takes three years to build a business, and five years before I’m comfortable. There’s no need to hurry. Whilst building the business I also need to be prepared for things going wrong. Preparation is Parent ego state. I must also record that, for the second week running, I did not experience any feeling of Monday morning blues. I kept mostly to my routine and ate healthily over the weekend. All in all I am feeling good. Don’t get cocky. Take it easy. Slow down.

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