Analysing Scripts

Yesterday was such a wonderful day. Everything flowed so well. There was no problem with any aspect of the day. The five of us seemed to move as one. If anybody had a specific request we all just went with it. At one point on the walk I stopped to look out to sea. Everyone stopped and we all had a rest for five minutes before carrying on. It is such a pleasurable experience to spend time in such safe and supportive male company. It has helped to reinforce the essence of relaxing into the flow: slow down, relax and experience the unfolding of events as the Universe and everything in it simply creates. Maybe the reason I often feel that I have not done enough with my time and opportunities is because I am not in the here and now when they occur.

We went for another walk today – a steep one down to the beach and back up again. My knees did very well and I particularly enjoyed the climb back up. When we returned we had a kick around with a football which I instigated. I was nervous about my injuries but I enjoyed the time immensely. Sunil, Naveen and Dev went in for something to eat but I wanted to stay out on my own. Calvin stayed too when I was hoping to be on my own – it is much safer for me to play on my own. Nevertheless the two of us carried on until my knee gave way. It was only a slight twinge, nothing too serious but it still hurt. Overall I felt physically very good and I could tell that my fitness has improved greatly since last year. It was very encouraging but I was careful not to get cocky. I felt guilt and regret about hurting my knee afterwards but it was worth it. I had resisted the opportunity to kick a football yesterday but today I just couldn’t hold back.

We relaxed and then went to the pub. We played pool and ended up using the games to analyse scripts. Dev and I observed Naveen play Sunil and then I played Naveen. It was an interesting learning experience and we all came away with something to think about. The mind is very powerful in convincing us that we can or cannot do something. My ‘hurry up’ driver was my downfall, as was my need to entertain. Dev displayed his ruthless qualities as he wore his opponent down. Naveen showed how his determination to succeed could influence his ability, and Sunil proved that good fortune accompanies those who can relax and enjoy themselves. It was fascinating and now I’m starting to understand just how sport can be used in therapy situations.

At the cottage we talked about changing and influencing our futures. As with the games of pool, everything is possible and it is up to the individual to create his own future. We can all alter our futures with faith in the process and self-belief.

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