Drawn Into Gossiping

Yesterday evening, whilst exercising, I felt a twinge in my lower back similar to the ones I used to have some months ago. This one wasn’t too serious but I felt as though I had overdone it this week with my evening exercises and resolved to take it easier.

An hour beforehand I had received a phone call from Alex who told me that a friend of ours who got married four years ago, has two daughters and recently moved house, has even more recently left his wife and moved in with his new love. What a mess. Alex and I talked about his situation and as we did I got drawn into a bit of gossiping and emotional dialogue about how our friend has ruined his life and how pleased we both are that it hasn’t happened to us. On reflection it is not fair for me to judge whether another person has ruined their life or not. I can only get on with my own life and avoid comparing myself with others, regardless of whether that comparison is favourable or otherwise.

We also talked about Alex’s compensation claim and how I am the only witness and will therefore speak to his barrister next week in support of his claim. I told Alex that I will, as Karaj advised me, simply recount what I observed without judgement or analysis.

The phone call may well have affected my back too.

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