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Filling My Time Slowly

I had a 10-minute lie-in and got up and exercised. It’s Saturday and I have more time on my hands today so I exercised a little longer and didn’t rush anything (not even breakfast) in order to get out of the house and go for my walk. As I walked through the park I felt good about myself, about my life and about the fact that I am making very good progress.

Since the last progress report I am more comfortable with my own company and I have realised how much I can help myself by just slowing down. I realised, walking through the park, that slowing down is the key to so much. Not only will it help every aspect of my life, it will also help me to fill my time. So often I am at a loss for what to do. I hurry through my tasks in order to have more time to… to do what?

Most of the time I have nothing specific in mind so I then find myself being bored (frustrated) and I seek distraction by various means. Slowing down, like this morning, allows me to enjoy whatever I do much more, to concentrate on the here and now, and to stave off the boredom.

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