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Had a lie-in until 6:10am and worked through my E&M. I was eager to get into the fresh autumn morning for my walk but tried to slow myself as much as I could. Sitting in the park I am so glad I got up and came out. It is everything autumn should be. Squirrels stocking up; fresh, cold, clean air; sunshine; colours; peace and quiet. Today is a beautiful day. Deep breathing in the park.

Apart from Friday night when I rested due to probably having overdone it, I have exercised and meditated every morning and evening for the past seven days. Aside from the digging, that is the most disciplined exercise I have had for over 15 months, if not longer; years maybe. I am enjoying the flow of life at the moment.

With the E&M, I am not forcing myself as I have been known to in the past. My experiences with the digging and with Karaj in general have given me great resolve and have taught me that I only have to make a start and relax and things will flow nicely. The start is the most difficult part. After that it’s one step at a time and I’ll get there.

My life has changed quite dramatically over the last few weeks but in many ways the changes have been subtle. My diet has improved, I exercise more, I am more comfortable and relaxed with life, everything has started to slow down, and, although I have no real evidence for this, I feel more perceptive and more focused than usual; as if things are making more sense.

The act of slowing my life seems to give me more of an opportunity to take things in. Maybe that’s why my observation skills are as they are; I have been too busy hurrying to notice anything. Moreover, it feels as if the changes are permanent because I am not forcing myself to change. It is happening naturally and the more I relax the easier it gets.

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  1. This blog is just what I need to read at this moment – hard to get into Yoga/ meditation at the present. Will bide my time and take it easy. Random blog has the knack of being appropriate. Thanks.

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