Thought is Energy

Arose at 5:45am for the second day running. The exercises are going well and I am experiencing a diluted version of the feeling I once had in Germany after a yoga retreat. For a week after that weekend I glided through life and nothing got to me. I was calm, composed and contented, which is how I feel at present.

Thought is energy. I have read about this and known it for some time, but now I am applying it in a most useful way. The internal dialogues I have, the comparisons I make and the worrying I do about other people are all thoughts and are all a drain on my energy resources. If I have somebody in my mind, regardless of the thought process, they are receiving my energy. It’s as simple as that. What is happening now is that I am focusing much more on myself.

If my mind takes me into any of the aforementioned scenarios, all I need to do is bring back my focus to myself and stay there. [Karaj: That is the challenge of life.] This means my energy stays with me and as a result I feel much stronger and more positive about myself.

Karaj and I talked about how I am feeling at the moment. I am surrounded by all the energy of the Universe, the vast majority of which is filtered out by my conditioning, which manifests itself through my thoughts. When I eliminate my conditioning, my thoughts become less constrained than they normally are. This allows more of the surrounding energy to flow into me. This is the ‘high’ I feel. [Karaj: The ‘truth’.]

The progress I have made over recent months has had such an effect on my conditioning that I am receiving more of the surrounding energy than I have in the past. In addition, because I am not allowing my thoughts to stray towards unnecessary concerns, dialogues or comparisons I am retaining more of what I have.

This all adds up to an increased level of energy, above what I am used to and, therefore, a pleasant feeling of positivity. Now, the most important aspect of this development is my attitude towards it – don’t get cocky. The more progress I make the more damaging my cockiness becomes if left unattended. Be careful.

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