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In the park this morning and I’m slowly getting back to how I was before Rugby. I cannot understand how company makes me feel so low afterwards. Last weekend I felt wonderful and I never saw a single person. This weekend, after barely two days in Rugby, it’s as if the edge has been taken off my feeling of well-being. The weather is the same as last Sunday: beautiful, fresh, cold, clear autumn sun but my feeling of inspiration has been dulled.

I need to look after myself. Keep your energy, Jonny. As I write, the sun glistens off the lake, the wet leaves and the dew on the grass. Blue sky and fresh, fresh air.

I exercised well and did some good stretching this evening. I feel subdued. I have experienced the usual doubts about my future, my health and, I suppose, about my journey. Although the doubts about the journey have not been specific, I have had no enthusiasm about any of it in the way I have had over the last 2-3 weeks. My health worries are related to my script – it’s fighting back, trying to convince me I need to be mothered. Stay calm, you’re doing very, very well.

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  1. Having written a journal entry I then read this random blogpost. Spent last night at the pub quiz, too much noise and too many people, and probably too much beer. I am also more conscious of the aches and pains that I feel from time to time. So the advice I hear in the blog suits my situation perfectly. The fact that I am conscious of all of this tells me that I am moving forward. Rather than let it get me down, stay calm, I am doing well. Thanks for the reminder.

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