The Power of Script

I am feeling much better than I did at the weekend, but I have been left with a residual annoyance which I first noticed yesterday and which is still with me today. Karaj asked me to analyse it with respect to the people I should be avoiding. Those people are the players in my script. The script I have created. And the parts they play want me to remain a child, a helpless baby, dependent on them for life.

Again, this is the script I have created.

The script is such a powerful force because all the players in the drama play their parts so well, it makes it difficult for me to change anything. This is why it is important to stay away from certain players. It doesn’t matter how well I am doing, the other characters in my play have their roles to fulfil and they do so regardless of any changes I may undergo.

If I am to work on a new script I need new players performing different roles. Moreover, those new people will appear – are already appearing – as I affect changes in my life.

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