He Does it With Confidence

Had lunch with Karaj and Arun. Karaj explained that all the things he does, all the ideas he has are simply methods to create openings. He does not know which of his ideas will work or bear fruit but the seeds of future, successful projects are often sown in the most unlikely ways. It is almost impossible to predict how things will pan out so why not try a host of different things. What is important, however, is that, regardless of the activity, everything must be undertaken with confidence.

This is one of the many differences between Karaj and myself. Whatever he does, he does it with confidence. The effect of this attitude on his work is an added enthusiasm and enjoyment which contrast with my demotivated pessimism that things are, perhaps, a waste of time. Fortunately, having been exposed to Karaj’s attitude and working methods I am starting to develop my own confidence in what I do. It makes a huge difference not only to my enjoyment of my work but also to the results of my efforts. I find that many of my concerns about my own abilities are wholly unfounded and that, contrary to what I may have believed about a project beforehand, it has turned out to be of great benefit in moving me or us forward, or in throwing up new ideas or developments.

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