More Than Important

When we returned from the club last night, Alex thanked me for my friendship. He said that I have helped him enormously and that he wouldn’t be where he is had it not been for my influence. I thanked him and asked him what he thought of himself. All he said, repeatedly, was ‘I’m important’. I found this insufficient. (See also, ‘At Face Value’.)

Naveen phoned me to ask for my address so that he can send me an invitation. He told me it was a secret. To check my understanding, I asked him if he was sending me an invitation to a secret. He eventually told me that it was his son’s birthday party. I spoke to Karaj too and he advised me not to go. There is no need for Naveen to be secretive with me.

Karaj and I had a good chat about the work which we have on and about how Alex’s comments regarding himself being important were his Child ego state’s attempts to convince the rest of him that it’s true.

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