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Creating a Space to Work

No exercises again this morning. Arrived at the house and found Karaj working on my table. On Tuesday he had put the finishing touches to it and I had been was amazed at what he had done. Not only had he fixed the table securely, he had also attended to the cosmetic details which made such a difference. I was very impressed with his efforts and it put a big smile on my face. The whole thing made my day.

But he wasn’t happy with the way we had left it so today he was doing what he could to improve the area – he’s becoming a real ‘Be Perfect’. After Monday’s lack of motivation, concentration and everything else needed to appreciate a project like this (see ‘Wenn Schon, Denn Schon’), I was glad of a second chance to work on it. As is our reputation, we have done a fantastic job. I have never had such a beautiful working area. It is wonderful.

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