Relax & Be Unreasonable

The more I relax, the better things work and the easier everything falls into place. [Karaj: Make sure you remember this sentence when you are in trouble.] At the same time, instead of being laid back and adapting to situations as they change – which is what I do – I should be changing circumstances to suit me, to protect my self-development and to protect who I am. That is why it is important to know myself so that I can look after myself. One of Karaj’s favourite quotes:

A reasonable man adapts to circumstances.
An unreasonable man changes circumstances.
All progress depends on unreasonable men.

George Bernhard Shaw

Karaj and I had lunch and set to work on the loft conversion. I really enjoy working with Karaj because he just does things and it doesn’t matter how well they turn out – just so long as it does what it’s supposed to do, it doesn’t matter. This helps to shake me out of my perfectionism and means that I am far more productive than I would otherwise be.

We compliment each other: we had a problem with a sloping wall which I solved and my solution inspired Karaj to solve our next problem. And we enjoy each other’s company. We have a laugh where appropriate but we work hard and produce excellent results.

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