The Collaborative Process

Another good day working with Karaj in the loft. He reinforced the importance of sticking to my path. He says I’m searching for truth and must safeguard all that I have created in order to stay on my path.

Karaj is also serious about the book we have discussed writing together. He explained that there is a process which people go through when they work together. Initially, progress is good but then the discussions, which have been hitherto creative, turn into arguments. Enthusiasm is lost and the progress is halted. Eventually the individuals come together again and the work can be completed.

Apparently this is the normal course of events in any collaboration and because Karaj and I have gone through it many times in the projects we have done together there is nothing to prevent us from completing the work on our book. In contrast Karaj has other projects running with other people where he is still, after many months, at the preliminary stages of the process.

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