Missing Out By Isolating Himself

Spent the afternoon with Karaj. I feel much more confident about my ability to make contributions to others.  The Saturday group was a massive help in this respect and so was the following day at Sunil’s.  I am starting to recognise in myself what Karaj has seen for many months.

We went for a meal together and it was a wonderful way to end this part of the year before I fly to Andy in Prague. I look forward to the week with my brother and to the chance to review this magical year I have spent with Karaj on my return.

Spoke with George in the evening. He talked to me about how he felt during and after our phone call on Monday and the men’s group on Saturday. It was good to hear him open up and to hear that he has realised a few things – if nothing else, that he is missing out by isolating himself.

Dev phoned. He’s coming on 3/4/5 January to write some comedy. He wants to put together a comedy routine for the Sicily trip with me and Leon. I’m in. We talked about the group, the process and the journey.

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