Laughter in Prague

Arose at 6am and decided to treat myself to a cab. Arrived at the airport in good time. The travelling went smoothly, a delay here, a delay there, I took it all in my stride. I didn’t get excited until we came in to land in Prague and I saw the thin covering of snow everywhere. Andy was there to meet me and the weather was cold (-5°C), fresh and dry. It was wonderful to be back in the dryness of mainland Europe.

Sat at home for a few hours. I was too negative about myself, ‘…the TEFL course which I failed…’ Careful, Jonny – relax. The four of us chatted before going to the pub. Got drunk and ate very well. I did my usual trick of being indecisive with the menu. I recognised my behaviour as setting myself up to be rescued, so I took control, ordered and enjoyed some delicious food. Easy.

There was laughter throughout the evening: in the pub, on the underground on the way home and in the flat as we played games (othello). Playing against Andy, I felt the old emotions surface – despair, frustration, inferiority, reluctance to play (because I was losing) and complaining, or rather pointing out, how rubbish I am. Again I was aware of these so instead I tried to play with confidence. I decided to look upon it as a learning experience – one day this holiday I’ll beat Andy. This attitude made it possible for me to enjoy playing. It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts, just as it’s not the destination but the journey that’s important.

A thoroughly enjoyable first day.

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