First Thoughts of Leaving

Andy cooked a lovely breakfast and now we are all relaxing. Since I arrived in Prague things have been so comfortable.  Everything has simply flowed. I feel more and more comfortable with myself because I’ve found what I’ve been looking for.  My life has purpose and that is comfort enough to allow me to relax and grow.

I have had my first thoughts and have felt the first emotions of leaving here and saying goodbye.  I’m already wishing I were staying longer and assuming that others will be sad when I go. See how frivolous the mind can be.  Firstly, it will be good for me to get back to my life, my routine, and my health. Secondly, it wouldn’t matter how long I stayed, I’d still have the same feelings when I left.  Thirdly, who am I to predict other people’s emotions? To think they cannot survive so well without me is madness.

We are all individuals who have come together for a short time to enjoy each other’s company.  We all survived and prospered before we came together and will continue to do so after we part.  Don’t let your mind get into fantasies.  Moreover, don’t be affected if the mind goes off on a tangent.

[Karaj: So far everything has been great with your brother. Now the fantasy of the mind takes over.]

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