The Danger of Assuming

I was the first one up and I started preparing the Christmas dinner which Andy and I cooked together. Andy had made sure that everyone had a present to open.  Kevin and I both received puzzles to solve.  Trying to solve them brought home to me my difficulty in visualising things.  Eventually, and with teamwork we all solved both puzzles.

I didn’t eat much of my dinner (my eating is getting slower and slower) and afterwards we all sat down to relax.  We continued to play with the puzzles and also, after a string of defeats, I finally beat Andy at othello.  Later, Tania and Kevin cleared the kitchen.  I considered telling them not to throw my meal away but decided that such a comment would be unnecessary.  I was wrong.  When I discovered that they had done just that I was very disappointed. And annoyed.

I considered the lesson. For me the learning point was that I should never assume that people will act how I expect them to act. As the afternoon progressed I was tempted to mention it on more than one occasion but I didn’t. This is more progress for me because in the past I would have gone on about it and may have ruined the whole day for the sake of making a point.

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