Kind & Generous

My back is feeling better each day. It was quite a scare for me in Prague and an indication of just how far out of my routine I have fallen. Since those dream-like three weeks when everything was going so well, I have become less and less disciplined. For the most part I have accepted the inevitability of it – especially with the onset of the Christmas festivities. Now I have the opportunity to get back to the routine which gives me such satisfaction.

January is going to be a hard month, but if tackled correctly it will set me up for the rest of the year. For me it has always been the worst month of the year; the equivalent of Monday morning. In that case the necessary attitude is clear: head down, don’t think about it, get through it, and make the most of the chance to set myself up for the year ahead.

Today was another difficult and heavy day for me. I managed to get up to date with my office work and then helped Karaj out in the loft. I have not been the best of company since my return from Prague but we achieved what we set out to do.

Aubrey popped round in the evening and I spoke to him about Dev’s visit. He has no problem with Dev staying here. What a genuinely kind and generous man he is.

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