Be Quiet. Be Still.

Dev arrived and we chatted. Karaj joined us and we chatted further before going for a meal. On the way to the restaurant I was feeling somewhat under the weather but the food and the company had a very positive effect on me. We dropped Karaj off and returned to my house where the two of us talked further. Just like my day with Sunil, the conversation was such a help.

Dev is an example to me of what is possible – he is doing and being things which I wish to do and be. I have already talked about his powers of observation being an inspiration to me simply by virtue of the fact that they show me that such skills are possible, and if I know something is possible then it is easier to practice and achieve.

We talked briefly about truth. What is the truth? The ultimate truth cannot be described using the limited vocabulary which we have at our disposal and, as such, everything we say is a lie.

On a different topic, I told Dev I had offered a friend some advice on his boyfriend at the weekend. I knew it is not my place to advise or rescue others but he is a very good friend and I considered I was doing some good. Dev challenged me by saying I was just doing it for my own ego. I disagreed – I was acting as a compassionate human being and a good friend.

However, as Dev said, how do I know my friend is ready for such advice? This argument still did not convince me. Dev then said it was possible that my friend would use my advice to further entrap his boyfriend. That’s the point that made me sit up. No matter how I give help, it may not be received as I intended and I could, therefore, be causing more harm than good. Stay out of it. Be quiet. Be still.

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