An Appreciative Goodbye

Got up at 9am. The weather was glorious so I left a note for the boys and went for a walk. This was similar to the time on Brighton beach. A chance to reflect on the weekend and to centre myself. I returned with breakfast. We chatted, I phoned Calvin to arrange a time (kick-off) and we took George to the station. There was a train within four minutes. George expressed his pleasant surprise because his thoughts on the way to the station had been pretty negative. That would explain why we’d had to wait so long yesterday. George had been the architect of his own delay. The train arrived, we hugged and said goodbye.

Dev and I made our way to Calvin’s. At Sunil’s last night I had pointed out that all the fun we’d had yesterday had been as a result of Dev’s visit. At the restaurant I had thanked Dev for coming to see us, Sunil for inviting us to his home, and George for phoning and coming to meet us. At Calvin’s we chatted and watched football. We left soon after the final whistle and upon arrival back at my house, Dev packed his things and left for London. It was a calm and collected goodbye. We had done so much together in a short time and the parting was simply part of the whole process. There were none of my usual emotions. I was neither sad nor happy to see him go. All I felt was appreciation.

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