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Having gone to bed with the intention of getting up early to start my routine, I didn’t. I stayed in bed. I still feel slightly under the weather and I intend to preserve my energy for dancing tomorrow night. These are just excuses, I know. All I need to do is read my account of the gloriously routine period in November when everything was going so well.

Karaj and I spoke about George’s attitude. At one point on Saturday I wondered how well he would fit into the small group of Sunil, Dev and I who seem more committed to the process than he does. As it turned out he became more and more used to the atmosphere which surrounds us when we get together and this allowed him to open up about the Friday he’d had and the fact that I make him envious because I have such a wonderful opportunity.

Karaj then talked generally about people who try to prove the therapy process wrong because they feel they can survive without it. This made me think of a comment of George’s on Saturday about his pupils, many of whom see no point in learning German because the world speaks English. The two situations are similar because they both give rise to the question “Why do I need this when I can get by without it?’ I can speak for both situations – speaking a foreign language and indulging in the therapeutic process – they both enhance and enrich my life. I am a better person, a more understanding person, a more complete person because of them.

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