A Wonderful Way to Exercise

Went dancing again last night. At first I sat there wondering what I was doing there and how the evening would develop. There’s that word again – how – stop it. Relax. The evening was yet another success. I really enjoyed myself and made still more progress. I was complimented too. ‘You’re a natural’ and ‘You’re really good – stick with it’. I accepted these compliments and thought nothing more of them. My own attitude to the dancing suggests to myself that I am good – otherwise I wouldn’t be that bothered with it. As I recognised on the first night with Dev, this is something I can do, and I want to do it well. It gives the ‘be perfect’ side of me the ideal platform to express itself.

I learned four more moves (that’s a total of ten) and managed to string most of them together into a routine. It was great fun; a wonderful way to exercise and the flowing movements will really help to improve my back and my general physical health. I asked a couple of women to dance – my confidence is growing – and I also managed to make contact with a couple of men. It is important for me that I establish some male company within the dancing environment. If I don’t make that effort, my contact will be exclusively with women. Not so good for me. At one point one girl, with whom I had already danced, invited me to sit with her and her friends. I politely declined. Although it is a highly sociable arena, I am there predominantly for the dancing. However, it did cause me slight concern that I may have looked as though I needed rescuing.

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