The Gentle Curve of Progress

Got up at 6.20am this morning. As I exercised I was reminded of Dev’s visit and how Karaj emphasised the gentle curve of progress as opposed to the rapid movement of over-enthusiasm. Although the initial stages are gentle (often perceived as slow) the curve is almost exponential. This is exactly the curve I use to describe my learning of the German language. It also describes my personal development process and likewise it must apply to my exercises.

It is important that I take it easy. I know this; I have written it many times in these pages, but I have not necessarily heeded my own words. I have so much time to progress and if I rush things, I am likely to suffer from demotivation simply because I cannot continue to progress at the same speed I set off at. There are also the inevitable set-backs caused by overdoing it.

Karaj and I had another good day today. We didn’t achieve everything we had wanted to but the work we did was done to our usual high standards. We did a great job of the dividing boards and made a start on hanging the door which will separate the office from the meditation area.

We talked about Naveen’s attitude having been told to leave the group. His attitude was disrupting not only the safety of the men’s group, but it was potentially very harmful to Karaj’s entire practice. There are similarities between the case of Naveen and that of Kuldip who was asked to give Karaj some space. The similarities end there, however. Kuldip’s reaction was one of apology and acceptance of the situation, whereas Naveen is behaving like a jilted lover. His conduct since the decision was made has reminded me of someone who refuses to accept that a relationship is over and begs for another chance.

I know from experience that once this stage has been reached there is no going back. I have been impressed with Karaj’s resolution. He said from the start that once his mind was made up – he made his decision after much deliberation – that was it.

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