Persevering Through the Dip

Up at 6.20am. Exercised for 50 minutes and made my way to the house. Karaj and I talked about the cycle we all go through regardless of the activity or project. In the beginning motivation, enthusiasm and energy are high. Towards the middle all these suffer a drop and it becomes difficult to continue. It is at this stage where we need the most discipline. We need to fight on and persevere. As we near the end of whatever it is we are doing, our energy rises once more and we rediscover our enthusiasm.

This is the cycle in its simplest form. Within any one project there may be numerous stages where the energy level dips and recovers and it is important to be aware of such occurrences because that way we are better prepared to deal with them when they come our way. My dancing at the moment has suffered a dip. My initial enthusiasm has wavered as I begin to realise just how far I have to go. It is important that I carry on and not give up because as I fight through this lack of motivation I will, once again, emerge into a place of high energy and progress. It is akin to wading through mud to get to clear waters. It has to be done and it is inevitable that I will suffer such barren stages again and again. That in itself is a sign of progress.


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