Do Things Consciously

I slept well and got up at 5.50am which made up for the lie-in I had yesterday. I exercised gently for an hour and sat quietly for 10 minutes. As I left the house I wondered to myself whether I had everything I needed for dancing tonight and whether I had left the house in order because I won’t be returning until late tonight. I recognised this as my mind going through its search algorithm looking for something to catch me out with. I relaxed.

10 minutes later I realised I had forgotten to close my bedroom window. Without any further thought I turned round and headed back home. Then I stopped. Had I really forgotten or was this my mind? I decided to go home anyway – it wasn’t worth the risk for the short distance I had to walk to get back home. I arrived – the window was closed – my mind had won this particular battle. I took my hat off to it, but as I did so I was determined to learn my lesson. Do things consciously. Observe myself. Go through a checklist before I leave the house.

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