Presence is Enough

5.45am E&M. Spent the morning printing extra copies of the existing newsletters. There was trouble with the printer so Karaj changed the multi-user port from an automatic to a manual. It solved the problem and Karaj thanked me. ‘Here we go again’, I thought to myself. What had I done? I told him I was glad I gave him the idea and he told me not to be facetious.

We discussed the issue and he explained, as he had also done on Tuesday when Robert was with us, that my presence was enough to solve the problem. I am finally beginning to understand where his gratitude and credit come from. I don’t necessarily have to make the suggestion myself. It could be anything: a free positive thought, a restricted negative one. The slightest influence can be enough to trigger a solution, or a suggestion, or a step in the right direction. Presence is enough.

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