We Are All Unique

Went dancing last night and came away from the evening with renewed positive energy. As Karaj says, the main problem people have is being positive about themselves when they are negative. When we are down we need to interact in a positive environment, and that’s what happened at dancing last night. I wasn’t going to go at all until Karaj suggested that it was just what I needed. It has made a difference because, although I am still tired, I am not nearly as negative as I have been over the past couple of days.

It’s the comparisons which do it. Whenever I compare myself with anybody I must prepare myself for suffering of some kind. The sooner I become fully aware of this the better. Only then will I steer clear of any sort of comparison. We are all unique so comparisons are wholly pointless exercises which only serve to cause us pain. Stop them. Every time I go into comparison I should remind myself that I am unique, and that one day I will be gone.

We also talked about how important it is to remember that regardless of how I feel on the inside, it’s how I am perceived on the outside which is important. As with the improvements in my navigational skills which began in Edinburgh, if I show confidence in myself then, no matter how I feel inside, those around me will have confidence in me, which will increase the confidence I have in myself.

So, whatever’s is going on inside, find a way to give yourself positive feedback. One way to do this is to create a positive response on the outside and just feed it back into the system. Use the external positivity to create or boost internal positivity. This is possible – I have experienced it with navigation and with dancing. Relax, create, and utilise what you create. Karaj does just this when he creates enthusiasm in others.

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