A Consistent Perception of Self

I still feel subdued, I still feel inadequate, I still feel pissed off with my life, and I still feel the futility of everything. I feel as if I’m going nowhere. I am having to change. It isn’t easy. Still, I have little choice but to persevere. The alternative is a return to something I don’t like anyway. Carry on, smiling.

Another chat with Karaj. It’s the comparisons which are doing me harm. I indulge in them and always compare myself negatively to other people. This is my problem in very simple form. And the solution is equally simple. Sort out the comparisons and my life will flourish.

And the way to do this is simply to greet the comparisons as they arise. Do not allow them to bring me down. Do not treat them as my enemies. Treat them as my friends. Embrace them and have fun with them. Stay balanced. That is the key. No matter whether I am up or down, high or low, my perception of myself must remain consistent. So, if I am to have a consistent perception of myself then I choose a positive one. Practice positivity under all circumstances.

Embrace myself. Be positive about myself. Be consistent.

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