Listening & Appreciating

I had resolved to get back into my routine this morning but I didn’t. I succumbed to the old problem of not wanting to get out of bed. Remember the power of the mind. Relax, don’t be hard on yourself and get up early tomorrow.

Spoke to Dev this evening. A family member is having a go at him for ‘changing’. It is not uncommon for our loved ones to urge us to change and then berate us for doing so. As I listened to Dev I realised that I am starting to move away from a solution-oriented space. Up until now I have listened to people with thoughts of trying to help them. I have even become frustrated at myself in the past because I have not known how to help or what to say or what advice to give.

Now, however, things are starting to change. It really is enough just to listen. Dev twice said that he felt better as a result of our conversation. He didn’t want solutions, he just wanted to talk, to connect. Furthermore, the connection is very often all a person needs to allow themselves to sort out their own issues.

I am starting to relax much more with who I am. I do not need to please anybody or to prove myself to anybody or to seek anyone’s approval. These three things are all connected to how comfortable I am with myself. I have been reasonably happy with myself up until now, but I have been far too critical about who I am and in far too much of a hurry to change and improve. This has caused me to overlook the beauty of who I am. That is changing. Slow down, appreciate who I am and appreciate who I am becoming.

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