Relax & Be Vigilant

06.10 E&M. I felt tired this morning and I felt pain in most of my body. This was demoralising to an extent but it was nothing more than my mind and body conspiring to get me back to bed. I persevered and will not be defeated. I still feel tired now but Karaj told me yesterday that it is important that I keep my energy levels up. I notice that if I simply smile to myself I can boost my energy. Add to that the cessation of internal dialogues and I have two effective ways of remaining powerful.

In Karaj’s feedback he has told me not to analyse the difference between the weekend and the days in Germany (or anything else for that matter) because the answer will come. He’s right because that’s what happened during my talk with Dev last night. Relax and the answers will appear

Also, one of the important points about scripts is that they are very powerful. Our work may be proceeding slowly but it is proceeding and we are slowly reaching the point where things can start to go very well for us. This is where we have to be very careful and extra vigilant. Our scripts are destined to exert themselves, causing things to go wrong. Moreover, things will go wrong in ways we would not normally consider. So Karaj’s warning to me is to watch out – everywhere – because the script is very tricky and extremely elusive and can strike at any time. Be on your toes.

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