Encouraging Me To Face It

06.15 E&M. A full program this morning. My mind was trying to tell me that I am no longer making progress but I reminded myself that every time I exercise I am simply laying the foundations for future progress, and that there had been a definite shift at the weekend towards a more flexible body and a more mature attitude. Relax.

19.30 E&M. A good routine – almost 90 minutes. Thought about my fear of doing things wrongly. It causes inaction which was precisely the point that Karaj was making to Dev on Saturday. Ironically, Dev has helped me to face my fear of doing things I would otherwise shy away from. I am grateful to him for this because it is just what I need. He does not take away my fear, he encourages me to face it, and when I do so, I find I am capable and that I invariably enjoy myself.

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