Wood for the Trees

06.45 E&M 45 mins. With my hamstring, my stiff back and my tiredness, I genuinely thought I would be better off going straight back to bed when I got up. I persevered, though, and I’m glad that I did – just a few stretches later and I felt much more prepared for the day. The pain is still there but that is okay. I have spent the last couple of afternoons in the garden so it is understandable that my back is a little stiff. I was actually surprised how much of the stretching I was able to do this morning. Furthermore, I will be taking a break from dancing for a couple of weeks now, just to give myself some time and space. I have been overdoing things lately. I have kept my morning exercises going but the dancing has interfered with the quality of my routine.

Worked with Karaj in the morning. He brought his office work down to my area. He told me later that it is so peaceful working with me. We worked silently, side by side, with only the odd conversational break to briefly discuss the nature of people’s problems. Karaj said that the amusing thing about all the people who have the courage to come to him is that they already have what they are looking for; they just don’t realise it. I guess that is what I am finding out for myself. The things I am beginning to treasure about myself and my life – the discipline, the space, the calmness, the contentment, the focus, the need for truth – have always been there, but I have been too hectic and my life too complicated for me to see. I have been so busy searching, I haven’t realised what is there. In the words of my Granddad: ‘I couldn’t see the wood for the trees’. All I needed to do was calm myself, slow right down, and relax.

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